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Attention Amazon Affiliates: How to Earn $1000 With Christmas Referrals | Real-Time Efforts

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Can you believe there are only 2 days left until Christmas? This year has gone by so fast!

For those of us promoting Amazon products, the holiday season always brings a huge surge of shoppers buying gifts online. Statistics show that Amazon does almost a third of its yearly sales in Q4, mostly due to Christmas shopping.

As an affiliate, that means there’s no better time of year to ramp up your earnings. The buyers are there and they’re ready to spend. We just need to get the right products with our affiliate links in front of them.

I don’t know about you, but one of my big goals is to earn $1000 in Amazon affiliate commissions from Christmas shoppers this year. And today I’m going to show you exactly how I plan to make it happen in the next 48 hours!

Getting the Timing Right

The key to earning big money from Christmas shoppers is getting your promotions out at just the right time. Leave it too late, and everyone has already finished shopping. Go too early and people aren’t thinking about buying gifts yet.

The peak times for Christmas shopping traffic are:

  • December 23 (Panic Buying Day)
  • December 22
  • December 21
  • December 14-20

So we need to get hyper-focused on our affiliate marketing efforts during these key 7-10 days when the bulk of shoppers are out there.

And right now, we’re down to the absolute peak 2 days for seasonal sales. So no time to waste!

My Plan to Score $1000 in Last-Minute Christmas Commissions

To hit my goal of $1000 in affiliate earnings over the next 48 hours, I’m going to utilize three traffic sources:

  1. Email Marketing
    I have a list of previous buyers and site subscribers containing 2500 contacts. Today I will send them a dedicated last-minute Christmas deals email highlighting products likely to be purchased as gifts.

My open rate averages 30%, meaning I should get the deals email in front of around 750 potential shoppers. If just 5% click through and buy something, that’s around 35-40 sales at $10 commission per order.

Potential commissions from email: $350-400

  1. Social Media Promotion
    I have very engaged followers on Facebook and Instagram. So I’ll create 2-3 posts on each platform highlighting last-minute gift ideas and deals for the holidays.

Across Facebook and Instagram combined, I expect to reach 15,000-20,000 people. With lower conversion rates than email, if just 0.25% of those viewing my social content click through and order, that’s 37-50 affiliate sales.

Potential commissions from social media: $370-500

  1. Influencer Marketing Outreach
    Finally, I will use my niche website traffic stats and past affiliate success to put together a professional media kit. I’ll reach out to 3-5 micro-influencers in my industry to see if they are interested in promoting some of my recommended products for revenue share.

Even if just one or two bites, they could easily drive another 50+ sales between them before Christmas based on their audience sizes.

Potential commissions from influencers: $300-500+

Adding that all up, a very achievable goal following this three-pronged promotion plan is:

35 sales from email = $350
45 sales from social media = $450
50 sales from influencers = $500

Total Christmas Commissions = $1300

So I stand to beat my initial $1000 goal following this blueprint over the next two days!

And remember, this is just what I anticipate from last-minute Christmas shoppers. January also brings massive returns and exchanges that I haven’t even factored in yet.

So hopefully this gives you a model for how to end the year strong and maximize your affiliate revenue from the holiday season. Just 48 hours left – get out there and start promoting! Wishing everyone reading this a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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