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Earn big with Free Blockchain Certifications

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Blockchain certifications are becoming increasingly popular as more companies adopt blockchain technology. Getting certified can help you stand out and validate your skills in this emerging job market. Luckily, there are a number of free blockchain certification programs available today.

Free Blockchain Certificates from Coursera

Coursera offers some of the most reputable blockchain certifications that you can complete online for free. These programs are offered in partnership with top universities and companies. 

One recommended Coursera blockchain certification is the [Blockchain Specialization]( from the University at Buffalo. This 4-course program provides an in-depth introduction to blockchain and its applications for business. You’ll learn key concepts like decentralization, cryptography, and Bitcoin before diving into blockchain platforms and smart contract development. All courses offer quizzes, hands-on projects and a certificate upon completion.

Another valuable Coursera offering is the Blockchain Revolution Specialization from INSEAD. This broader program explores how blockchain is transforming finance, business, and society. Topics covered include distributed ledgers, DLT mechanics, use cases like DeFi and NFTs, governance, and regulatory implications. The specialization takes about 3 months to complete.

Blockchain Certifications from EdX

For a more technical blockchain education, check out EdX’s Blockchain Technology course from UC Berkeley. This 11-week program teaches you to build blockchain networks from scratch using Python. You’ll code and launch your own blockchain, create cryptocurrency transactions, and gain hands-on experience. The course is free but you can pay to earn a verified certificate.

Another EdX option is the Blockchain Fundamentals course from Linux FoundationX. This introductory program covers blockchain’s foundational concepts including distributed ledgers, consensus mechanisms, cryptographic hashes, and more. You’ll get access to lots of resources and be able to take quizzes to test your knowledge.

Learn Blockchain for Free on YouTube, Medium and Blogs

Beyond structured courses, there is a wealth of free blockchain learning content available online. YouTube channels like Blockgeeks and Dapp University offer great beginner to advanced blockchain tutorials. You can also find written blockchain guides on sites like Medium anddedicated blogs.

While less formal, absorbing this type of free content can significantly advance your blockchain knowledge. Combining video tutorials, online readings, and hands-on experimentation gives a well-rounded learning experience. Be sure to take good notes!

Join Free Blockchain Communities to Learn and Get Certified

An easy way to learn and get certified in blockchain is by joining free online communities dedicated to blockchain education:

Blockchain Council- Offers Certified Blockchain Expert course and exam.

Blockchain Institute- Offers Certified Blockchain Developer Program with free Hacker, Engineer and Architect courses. Offers Certified Blockchain Developer exam vouchers by taking free courses.

Universities With Free Online Blockchain – Class Central lists over 75 free university blockchain courses.

These communities make blockchain education accessible. You can claim blockchain certification just by studying their free content and passing exams.

Earn Free Blockchain Credentials on LinkedIn Learning and Kahn Academy

LinkedIn Learning has several excellent blockchain courses that are free with a monthly trial membership. Become a Blockchain Developer Learning Path provides 13 hours of content on building blockchain apps. Completing courses earns you a shareable certificate.

Khan Academy also offers free courses on cryptocurrency and Their introductory programs provide a solid base before getting certified elsewhere.

With the resources above, anyone can get certified in blockchain for free. Just choose a program that fits your goals and schedule. In no time, you’ll have certifications to give your resume a competitive boost in the blockchain job market.

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