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How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog: 10 Proven Tactics That Work

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Getting more visitors to your blog is crucial for growing your readership, leads, and revenue. But with so much competition online, driving increased blog traffic can feel overwhelming. 

The good news is, there are proven strategies you can implement right now to substantially boost your blog’s traffic, even as a beginner. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 10 highly effective tactics to increase blog traffic fast.

1: Optimize Your Content for Target Keywords

The foundation of driving relevant organic search traffic is keyword research and on-page optimization. Identify keywords and phrases that align with your blog niche and that people are actively searching for. Tools like SEMrush and Google’s Keyword Planner can help uncover this data.

Once you know which terms to target, optimize your blog posts accordingly:

  • – Incorporate keywords naturally into post titles and content.
  • – Include related keyword variations and synonyms. 
  • – Optimize meta descriptions with keywords.
  • – Use keywords in image alt text and file names.

Optimizing your content for search helps your posts rank higher for valuable queries, directing more organic traffic from search engines.

2: Create In-Depth Pillar Content 

Pillar content refers to comprehensive, evergreen posts on topics highly relevant to your niche. These long-form guides can span 2,000+ words and cover a subject extensively.

The benefit of pillar content is it continues attracting organic traffic long after publication. Increase your chances of creating a viral pillar post by:

  • – Picking topics that address knowledge gaps or consumer pain points.
  • – Promoting pillars heavily upon launch using social media, email, and outreach.
  • – Updating pillars regularly with new facts, data, and multimedia. 

3: Improve Your Site’s SEO Fundamentals

While optimizing content is crucial, also ensure your blog has SEO best practices in place: 

  1. – An SEO plugin like Yoast to optimize pages/posts.
  2. – Fast page speed and mobile responsiveness. 
  3. – Compelling meta titles and descriptions.
  4. – Alt text for all images.
  5. – Internal linking to pass “link juice”.
  6. – A sitemap to index new content faster.

4: Run Viral Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests can create a viral effect that leads to a surge in social shares, links, and visitors. Require participants to share the giveaway across their networks for more entries, exponentially expanding your reach.

Effective giveaway promotion tactics include:

  • – Teaming up with influencers/bloggers to co-host contests. 
  • – Paid ads pointing to the landing page.
  • – Pitching to relevant online communities.
  • – Promotions across your email list and social media.

5: Grow and Engage Your Email List

An email list gives you a direct line to an engaged audience who will regularly revisit your blog. Offer an opt-in incentive like a discount or content upgrade to convert more visitors into subscribers. 

Email list integration tools like OptinMonster make it easy to capture leads. Then keep subscribers engaged through valuable newsletters, special offers, and insider content.

According to Campaign Monitor, blogs with email sign-up forms have 4X more search traffic than those without.

6: Write Guest Posts for Relevant Blogs

Reaching out to other sites in your space to contribute guest posts can drive massive referral traffic back to your blog. Ensure contributions closely align with the target blog’s niche and voice. 

Pro tip: When guest posting, negotiate getting your author bio linked to your site rather than just your name. This passes more link equity.

7: Build High-Quality Backlinks Through Outreach

Link building and outreach to have authoritative sites link back to your pillars and best content can be a game changer for referral traffic and SEO.

Use tools like BuzzStream to identify relevant sites and influencers to pitch for backlinks. Personalize pitches and follow up professionally. Track outreach in a CRM to optimize tactics.

8: Implement Website Push Notifications 

Browser-based push notifications allow sending timely alerts directly to site visitors, even when they aren’t on your blog. Use them judiciously to notify subscribers of new posts, re-engage inactive users, promote events/offers, and more.

Push notifications deliver click-through rates up to 70% higher than emails. Just don’t overdo them or subscribers will opt-out.

9: Keep Evergreen Content Updated 

Don’t let your best evergreen posts go stale. While Google does value freshness signals, updating old content can reinvigorate interest, social shares and links.

Monitor search rankings using tools like SEMrush. If certain posts drop significantly, overhaul them with new stats, studies, examples and multimedia. Revitalized content can regain lost organic traffic.

10: Leverage Facebook Ads

Once your blog traffic and email list gain traction, Facebook ads are an excellent option to scale growth faster. Target engaged followers and their lookalike audiences with ads for new posts and offers.

Ads also help counter Facebook’s declining organic reach. According to OptinMonster, Facebook ads have driven a 332% increase in traffic for WPBeginner.

The Right Traffic Growth Strategy For You

Not all tactics will suit every blog’s niche and resources. Focus on a few approaches at a time, track growth, then optimize and expand efforts. Patience and consistency are key.

Prioritize organic strategies first then layer in paid ads to accelerate results. With this comprehensive playbook, you have an arsenal of proven methods to substantially increase your blog’s traffic and take your business to the next level.

What strategies have you found most effective for growing your blog’s traffic? Let us know in the comments!

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